meet the creator

Name: Alecs Donovan

Age: 29

Birth place: Swansea

Interesting Fact: I won a burger eating competition in New York

Best sporting moment: Winning Man of the Match in my Welsh debut

Best professional moment: Founding/Creating Yogability and opening The Yoga Hub


I created Yogability after rupturing my Achilles; I went from training most days to being out of Sport for 2 years with the risk of not getting back to running at all.

I was suggested Yoga which I had never done before and I had a massive misconception of. I loved parts of it but I sometimes thought there were things missing to make it as effective as I needed for my sport. What I didn’t know at the time was the thing that was missing was Mobility.

I created Yogability with that in mind. I wanted to bridge the gap between strength and conditioning and Yoga.Yoga mixed with mobility work. Yogability was initially designed for those who needed to work on flexibility and mobility while maintaining strength. I knew that being hyper mobile could increase risk of injury but I also knew that not being mobile enough also risk injuries so I wanted to get the balance.

Yogability is a strength, flexibility exercise; The aim is to improve strength through range; improve body awareness, balance, stability as well as all over mobility and flexibility. We aim to relate the movements back to sport or fitness and the mobility required to be physically active; enabling proper form or function.

It’s designed to target people who don’t necessarily like Yoga but need it.

Yoga without the Zen