The Yogability Method

Yoga For Athletic Performance

Yogability develops your flexibility, mobility and strength through range of movement. We utilise yoga and mobility principles to develop your athletic performance and improve your resilience to soft tissue injuries.

Professional and recreational athletes alike are reaping the benefits of this dedicated movement programme.


Where it all began

30 minutes

Full body

Full benefit

The original yogability method


yogability 15

Yogability on the go

15 minutes for those short on time

Full body

Full benefit

Yin yogability

Relax and unwind

30 minutes

Slowing things down with static stretches and holds, targeting those areas of the body which need it most.

Instructional videos

Yogability building blocks

Ranging from 5 to 20 minutes

Videos to target the areas which you want to work on and develop, such as:

Arm balances, handstand progressions, beginner tutorials

Athlete Maintenance

With Nikki Donovan

No flows here

Activation and stability exercises

What every athlete needs

Check in & breathe

With yoganic

Low and slow combination of gentle movement, energy releasing stretches and breath work.

Using long passive holds to release deeply held stress and tension.

Mobility for beginners

With Dave Roberts

Movement drills and short flows.

Designed to improve body movement and mobility.

Beginner friendly.

Vinyasa Flow

With KT Wild

An energising morning vinyasa flow to work your entire body and get you ready for the day.


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Meet the Creator

Alecs Donovan

Age: 29

Birth place: Swansea

Interesting Fact: "I won a burger eating competition in New York."

Best sporting moment: "Winning Man of the Match in my Welsh Rugby debut."

Best professional moment: "Founding/Creating Yogability and opening The Yoga Hub."

What inspired you to create a new method of yoga?
"I wanted to bridge the gap between strength and conditioning and Yoga. There was very few places that combined yoga with strength and mobility work. The aim is to improve strength through range; improve body awareness, balance, stability as well as all over mobility and flexibility. We aim to relate the movements back to sport or fitness and the mobility required to be physically active; enabling proper form or function."